Soft Rhythm of Existence


Stepdown is delighted to commence our 2024 program with the exhibition Soft Rhythm of Existence by Meanjin/Brisbane based musician and artist Leighton Craig.

Comprised of a suite of intimate and minimal-gestured page works, these diaristic traces almost suggestively act as a visual score for the accompanying sound piece recording played in the space. 

In the words of Leighton

"I think of both my visual and audio works as a fuzzy geometry of the everyday, documented in the manner of a diary entry. Drawings of vertical lines descending and colour blocks are a rhythmic meditation on passage and the marking on paper of an existence. Indeed a number of the works in this exhibition are made on aged/found paper, already containing their own history and markings of time.

My approach to making work is largely unchanged over nearly 30 years. I remain in love with the simple beauty of words and geometric form, the infinite extension of the line and a modest economy of means. While I have extended my colour and sound palette over the years, the energy and light of black remains a wonder, and reduced scale continues to excite me."

Opening Celebration: 5:30pm-, TUE 9 JAN


Leighton Craig is an artist/musician born in Tamaki Makaurau and based in Meanjin/Brisbane, Australia. He has worked for nearly 30 years producing small scale drawings, paintings and assemblages on paper. He has shown in group and solo settings, including most recently a solo exhibition at CARPARK (Milani Gallery), Meanjin in 2020.

As a musician he has pursued a minimal approach to creating keyboard works, field recordings, sound installation and songs. He has released an extensive discography of solo and group recordings on independent record labels, and has played and performed in numerous bands (The Lost Domain, The Deadnotes, Fig. et al). He is currently a member of the duo Primitive Motion with fellow Meanjin artist Sandra Selig.

Instagram: @kindling_house
Bandcamp: https://leightoncraig.bandcamp.com/